Highcon Laser Cutting

Utilising the world class Highcon Euclid III, we are able to produce astounding digital laser and decorative cutting.


The Highcon Euclid III allows on-demand production, eliminating tooling and streamlining setup.  We are able to work faster than regular laser cutting machines and can produce finer, more detailed packaging as a result.


The Highcon has the capability to cut intricate apertures, tight corners and intricate cuts that are not possible using a traditional die. The capability to cut one-of-a-kind apertures on each design is also a feature unique to digital cutting.

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Opening up new possibilities, the Highcon Euclid machine at The Meliora Group removes the barriers that once existed in package design creativity, allowing for much needed innovation. This allows you to design, market and package your products the way you want to, at the speed you need.
Create intricate cutouts, sleeves, perforations, etching, zipper tears, and personalised/variable cut outs
All of which are extremely challenging or impossible for conventional die technology.


When it comes to sustainability, there’s no question that digital is the way to go.

Digital finishing simplifies the supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint. 
Firstly, there is no die-cutting tool, eliminating the wood, metal, and rubber of a physical die, the transportation and the storage. 

Eliminating the setup reduces the waste of hundreds of sheets of substrate going through the machine. 
On-demand production rather than on-demand delivery removes the need to maintain an expensive inventory of tools and finished products.

Low MOQs

The rapid decline in run lengths has many causes and has become particularly relevant today in view of the huge uncertainty regarding order volumes.


Many brands have become more and more dependent on the online ordering to stay in business.  Current solutions based on conventional dies, when applied to shorter runs entail a higher fixed cost per job, longer lead time and minimize creativity.

With on-demand production replacing on-demand delivery, Minimum Order Quantities become a thing of the past.


Fast Turnaround

The digital laser cutting process eliminates the need to order, produce, ship and set up a conventional die. With Highcon digital finishing, creasing, cutting and stripping are all carried out in one pass after minutes of setup.

Digital finishing simplifies and speeds up the entire supply chain; the approval process, the production of prototypes, and the production run.  At the same time, it also reduces carbon footprint and impacts sustainability.

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